Information for Hosts in the Netherlands

The current spread of the coronavirus has far-reaching consequences for our host community. We encourage all hosts in the Netherlands to regularly visit the official government information pages in order to stay up to date about the new regulations, on a national and local level. 

Our Resource Centre holds the latest COVID-19 related Airbnb updates, including information about the $250M to support hosts impacted by cancellations. 

Government support measures for the economy 

In order to counter the economic consequences of the coronavirus, governments and state agencies have announced numerous support measures. Whether these measures apply to you differs per situation. We encourage you to consult the information below.

National support measures



The Hague


Please note that this list does not claim to be complete or accurate and that the regulations and measures may change over time. Airbnb assumes no liability in this respect. We recommend that you contact the relevant authorities if you have any questions.