Just in: your host curated Airbnb guides to Rome

The Home Sharing Club in Rome, the heart of the Airbnb host community in the Capital, has created four guides to support small shops and local businesses. The maps cover four neighborhoods in the city: the Esquilino, that runs east to the city centre and San Giovanni, featuring the renowned Cathedral of St. John Lateran. Monti, the first neighborhood (then called “rione”) in Rome is also featured; Monteverde, located near the city centre, rich in lush green vegetation and historical references is the last neighborhood highlighted by hosts.

The guides list unique shops, bars and cafes, restaurants and monuments. Hosts have also recommended itineraries and provided tips on how to behave when in Rome, including how to reduce waste and support the local neighborhood. Click the links below to download the guides and, if you like, print them for you and your guests.

San Giovanni local guide: Italian, English
Esquilino local guide: Italian, English
Monti local guide: Italian, English
Monteverde local guide: Italian, English


Hosts have been supporting their neighborhoods for some time now, through voluntary activities and initiatives that share ways for visitors to support small businesses in the areas where they stay.

The guides are the result of a collaboration that started last year through workshops. They are a heartfelt and well-thought out collection of locations in the neighborhood, whether historic landmarks or recently opened businesses. The community carefully picked these spots with the intention of helping people who are visiting Rome for the first time or for locals, who maybe looking for new ways to discover these districts.

It’s easy to use the guides: the map’s graphics highlight the locations, divided by category with key icons and numbers. The guides also feature quotes from hosts who have lived in these neighborhoods for years, sharing this local information with their guests.  

Would you like to join activities organized by the Home Sharing Club in Rome? Click here to discover more.