Keeping The Legend Alive: Bob Ross Lives On Through Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences is daring the world to pick up their paint brushes and make “happy little accidents!” In celebration of Bob Ross — everyone’s favorite art instructor, television host, and internet sensation — you can now book unique experiences led by Bob Ross-certified painting instructors on Airbnb.

Unlike your typical tourist activities, Airbnb Experiences are led by inspiring locals — in this case, CRIs (Certified Ross Instructors)* — who are looking to share their passion with their communities. To ensure the most authentic experience, CRIs have gone through three weeks of intense training in the Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique and teach it exclusively using the Bob Ross paints and brushes, specially designed for the Bob Ross technique.  

From Portland to Detroit, Houston to Atlanta, and even stretching to India and the UK, Bob Ross fans can learn the joy of painting from their local experts through Airbnb Experiences.

And that may be the true joy of painting, when you share it with other people. I really believe that’s the true joy.

Bob Ross

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®Bob Ross name and images are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc. ©Bob Ross Inc. Used with permission.

*Only CRIs are able to teach or hold Bob Ross events, with training available through Bob Ross Inc.

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