Latin American hosts launch 8 Home Sharing Clubs

Over 650 Airbnb hosts in the most important cities in Latin America joined efforts this month to launch their first Home Sharing Clubs in Lima, Santiago, Montevideo, Colonia, Quito, Bogotá, Mazatlán and Acapulco. To kick off their activities many of them got together to meet and exchange experiences.

Lima Home Sharing Club

In Perú over 100 hosts joined their first Club and a few days laters many of them met in Lima where they exchanged ideas to promote local culture through alliances with small businesses and Cultural Centers.

Chilean hosts also launched their club and this is the largest of all with 135 members. They already organized their first encounter in Santiago where, among other topics, they traded advice and ideas to improve their performance as hosts.

Santiago Home Sharing Club

At the same time, In Uruguay two clubs were created in Montevideo and Colonia with over 100 hosts. Both clubs had their first meetings and they are already working towards getting agreements with local businesses to create a local shops guide and spread the voice about the benefits home sharing brings to the community.

Meanwhile in Ecuador their club has over 80 hosts who held their first meeting in Quito. They organized themselves in chapters that will treat subjects like Healthy Tourism and Host Training.

Quito Home Sharing Club

Colombia did not stay behind, with 127 hosts in their club. They had their first meeting in Bogotá and, as the other clubs, they will focus on working together to become better hosts and partnering with local businesses.

On the North part of the continent, Mexicans also launched two new clubs in Mazatlán and Acapulco with over 100 hosts. As in other Latin America cities, these hosts are interested in reaching out to local businesses and being better hosts each day.

The Airbnb host community keeps proudly growing throughout Latin America and bringing the benefits of Healthy Tourism to every corner of the continent. Airbnb encourages these entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas and to work together for a world where  everyone can belong anywhere!