Meet Amélie, Rémy and their children, who host on Airbnb in Paris

I even share my toys,” says a 5-year-old blondie proudly as she runs into the apartment with a plush toy in her hand. Indeed, when guests stay at Amélie and Rémy, their daughter Marguerite leaves her room as it is to welcome children of the same age.

Hosts on Airbnb for more than two years now, the couple has not always lived in Paris. After several years spent in Beijing, China, these two thirties have taken up residence in the dynamic Belleville district.

We really liked this neighbourhood because it is undergoing profound changes and we are convinced that as hosts on Airbnb, we have a positive impact around our home“, Rémy says, showing the street activity from his window. 

Rémy holds a position in international transport. Amélie has been working in wine for over 10 years now. “It’s very practical to recommend a small cellar in the neighbourhood to the travellers we welcome” she says smiling.

When they open their doors to guests on Airbnb, the two Parisians leave their whole apartment.

We leave them the apartment so that they really feel at home, like Parisians” Amélie explains. “The extra money we receive is often used to support part of our vacation budget” Rémy says.

Beyond money, it is above all sharing that motivates us to host. It’s a concept that we really care about and that we’ve always wanted to pass on to our daughters,” explained the two young parents. 

For us, Airbnb, it is a moment of meeting and sharing. In fact, when guests stay with us, we show them everything we do every day: our fish shop, our bakery, our butcher shop,” explains Amélie while playing with little Charlotte, 8 months. 

We are convinced that guests spend better holidays with our advice because they are local councils that live here on a daily basis

Thanks to Amélie, Rémy, Marguerite, Charlotte and the entire Airbnb community, more than 52 million euros of economic activity has been generated in the 19th arrondissement