Meet Eddie & Gertrud: hosts in Ottobrunn

Eddie has certainly seen a few things in his life. Born in sleepy Kulmbach, he studied in the city of Würzburg in Bavaria and then went to work in the USA. He found his niche in the advertising industry. After building several online companies, he decided to open a guest house in South Africa with his then-girlfriend. He got his first experience of hosting there. Even then, he noticed that he enjoyed welcoming guests from all of the corners of the globe. In Ottobrunn, he discovered home sharing. He and his partner Gertrud put a lot of love into each detail together and are really excited about the possibility of sharing their space for short periods via Airbnb.

Eddie’s opinion on the misuse prohibition law in Munich is clear, although it does not concern him in Ottobrunn:

“Why is the city of Munich trying to control something that has a positive influence on the city? Home sharing and other sharing economy concepts give individual citizens the opportunity to use their resources to earn some money and meet people. For me, this law is a solution to a non-existent problem. Home sharing benefits everyone and not just a few companies.”

Airbnb is always the best option for him and his partner when travelling, as you get in contact with local people as soon as you arrive, and learn so much more about local culture. This means you get a lot of useful tips right on the first day, and then you know where you can go and do different things in the surrounding area. This way, he and his partner often end up in places they never otherwise would have found by themselves. Eddie and Gertrud also find this vital in their role as hosts. When visitors come to Ottobrunn, they also recommend their favourite places beyond the tourist trail.

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Photos by Daniel Müller