Meet the Berlin hosts: Max’s story

We have always believed the best way to understand the positive impacts of home sharing in Berlin and around the world is by hosts sharing their stories. We want everyone to get to know Berliners who share their homes, to hear their stories and to understand how home sharing benefits Berlin. The current law concerning home sharing is too broad, confusing and is badly flawed.<

Meet Max

Max is a true northern light but has made Berlin his home a while ago. He realized his dream and bought an apartment in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Because his job demands a lot of traveling – Max consults foreign companies moving to Germany – Max became a home sharer.

According to him, the discussion taking place in media and politics is “distorted, because it is about people to rent out a space commercially.” Max rents out the apartment he lives in himself when he travels abroad for work.

Together with the home sharing community in Berlin, and across Germany, we can secure clear, fair and proportionate rules for home sharing in Berlin.