Meet the Berlin hosts: Sebastian’s story

We have always believed the best way to understand the positive impacts of home sharing in Berlin and around the world is by hosts sharing their stories. We want everyone to get to know Berliners who share their homes, to hear their stories and to understand how home sharing benefits Berlin. The current law concerning home sharing is too broad, confusing and is badly flawed. Together with the home sharing community in Berlin and across Germany, we can secure clear, fair and proportionate rules for home sharing in Berlin!

Meet Sebastian

“The way you experience a country, region or city when staying with a local is so different. It allows you to feel home and get first-hand tips you would never get elsewhere”, explains Sebastian.

His daughter is two years old and lives with her mother 1200 kilometers away. Whenever Sebastian visits his daughter, he tries to host guests at his apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain. He enjoys knowing that guests are enjoying a unique travel experience in his home, and the additional income helps pay for the flights to see his daughter.

Sebastian admits his situation is “not always easy” with his career in Berlin and his daughter far away. Still, Sebastian tries to be “the best father” he can be. Home sharing offers him an opportunity to earn some extra money, which makes it easier for him to see his daughter on a regular basis.

Whenever Sebastian hosts guests in his apartment, he shares tips on his favorite places in Berlin. He wants his guests to find the hidden gems, off the beaten track – the places that make Berliners love Berlin.

Sebastian has founded the Homesharing Club Berlin to join calls for fair home sharing rules in Berlin.