Moscow Welcomes Airbnb Trips

In Moscow, Experiences offer unique access to local passions and interests that are closely connected to the capital’s rich culture, history and entertainment scene. Travelers can go on a tour behind the scenes of the Bolshoi Theater, step into the secret chambers of the Lenin State Library, learn about Moscow’s gastro scene by exploring newly opened places and food markets, learn how to cook borscht or explore Moscow from the rooftops.

Moscow Trips launches with 27 Experiences available on Airbnb with more to come in the coming weeks. Examples include:

Airbnb Trips Library 2

Our Experience host Olga will bring you to the legendary secret vaults of the Russian State Library. It all starts with the Pashkov House, which keeps religious books dating back to the XII century and manuscripts by Russian classics, including Bulgakov and Dostoevsky. Then you will head to the archives, which used to keep censored books during the Soviet era. You will have an opportunity to touch books from the royal family’s personal collection, Masonic books, artifacts of the 1812 war, and much more. And last but not least, you will be able to admire an incredible view over Kremlin that opens from the top floor of the library.

Our host Natalie spent her whole childhood behind the scenes. Her uncle was a lead singer while her mother worked at a museum. She knows everything about Bolshoi’s heritage and will tell you in detail about its history, legacy and grand reconstruction. She will guide you through its auditoriums and workshops, tell jokes about the orchestra pit and share theatrical secrets from the XIX century to modern times. You will marvel at the luxurious costumes, gold-plated halls and see the grand crystal chandelier up close. As a cherry on top you will get a chance to sneak into a rehearsal and see an excerpt from a future ballet or an opera masterpiece.

Olya is a food enthusiast and founder of her own cafe. She will show you where to find Moscow’s best crab burgers, organic food shops and products from Russian rural areas, and will also invite you to her own cafe, where, over a cup of coffee made on her own, she will tell you about the Moscow gastro-enthusiast community and share her story of building a business from scratch. She knows all sorts of places and can offer a customized route according to the gastro preferences of her guests.

The Russian coffee community is on the rise, and our host Nastya is one of its biggest names. She was among the first enthusiasts who decided to promote coffee culture, and succeeded. She will tell you about coffee, trends and the development of the Moscow and Russian coffee industry, show Moscow’s best coffee shops and teach you how to brew coffee the right way.

Aliona is a certified wine expert; she has been working in the wine industry for more than seven years, and it’s her true passion. She is personally acquainted with many prominent winemakers and even spends her holidays exploring new wineries. She will tell you about the history and technologies of manufacturing wines in Russia and abroad, teach you to distinguish various bouquets and share wine etiquette tips.


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