Oʻahu business owner believes home sharing brings people together and benefits the island’s economy

Meet Ignacio: longtime Oʻahu resident and owner of the Kaimuki-based restaurant Makana Ranch House. Ignacio’s love of food goes back to his childhood, and was cultivated over generations. “My family is from here, and I come from a background of farmers and ranchers,” says Ignacio. “So growing up I learned how to cook and share food with my family and friends at a young age .”

“Makana Ranch House is a place to showcase the gifts of Hawaiʻi.”

From preparation to plating, Makana Ranch House is a rich tapestry of Oʻahu’s food culture and history. “I think people have a tendency to forget where their food comes from,” says Ignacio. “I work with local hunters, farmers, and fisherman — this is a place to showcase the gifts of Hawaiʻi.”


“Home sharing allows travelers to interact with the people who live here, and visit places off the beaten path.”

Even before his foray into the food business, Ignacio had a respect and reverence for the land and the food it provides. “I was always interested in creating experiences for travelers to visit farms, get their hands dirty, work the land, gather food from across the island, and really learn the culture and the history of the island,” he says. “And that’s actually what I love about home sharing, it’s not your average arm’s-length view into the everyday reality of the local people, like a traditional hotel. Home sharing is more personal and genuine, and allows travelers to visit places off the beaten path to discover all Hawaiʻi has to offer.”

“Having travelers close by [in the community] would help any business.”

As a business owner, the benefits of having travelers staying in short-term rentals in neighborhoods around across the island are a no-brainer to Ignacio. “When you’re staying in the neighborhoods, you’re going to explore the places that are right around the corner from you,” he says. “So having travelers close by would help any business, and that helps the local economy, and that’s how travelers really get to experience the heart of the community.”

“Home sharing creates entrepreneurs, and provides an opportunity for locals to make some much-needed extra income.”

As a local, he appreciates the benefits home sharing provides residents. “To me, I think it helps level the playing field,” he says. “It creates entrepreneurs, and provides an opportunity for locals to make some much-needed extra income. Home sharing also allows travelers to have a more personal, one-on-one experience with the people who live here.”

Ignacio has a simple message to the Honolulu City Council as they continue crafting new home sharing regulations. “It’s all about finding balance, working together, “ he says. “They have to listen to the people who live here and are trying to make a living, as well as business owners like myself who benefit from the travelers who visit our communities and local businesses.”

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