Airbnb 2021 Summer Release

Introducing 100+ upgrades across our entire service

Flexibility designed for the new world of travel

iPhone demo showing Flexible Destinations tool

Flexible destinations

A new way for guests to discover unique stays they might have otherwise missed.

iPhone demo showing Flexible Matching tool

Flexible matching

Includes listings that lie just outside a specified search, to show guests more options.

Flexible dates

Guests can now search for new options, from a weekend getaway to stays for a month or more.

A simpler and more inspiring guest experience

Curated Wishlists

A new way for guests to discover unique stays they Curated collections of inspiring stays and Experiences—starting with Greatest Outdoors.

Arrival guide

The arrival information guests need, from directions to wifi, is now in one place.

Faster checkout process

We’ve reduced the steps needed for new guests to confirm their first reservation.

Easier ways to host—from sign up to Superhost

Welcome to hosting page

Completely redesigned to better meet the needs of new Hosts as they begin their journey.

Become a Host in 10 steps

It’s never been easier to list your space on Airbnb, and get help along the way.

Today tab

A new way for Hosts to easily manage bookings, tasks, and more all in one place.

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