Airbnb Florida announces partnership with Puerto Rico at Orlando Host Club meeting

Airbnb recently hosted an Orlando Host Club meeting, where active Airbnb hosts from the Orlando/Kissimmee area got together at Sofrito Latin Cafe in Orlando to share some exciting news with local hosts regarding a partnership between Airbnb and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Airbnb is teaming up with the Puerto Rican government to drive tourism to the region in order to support continued efforts to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

As part of this partnership, Airbnb has launched its popular Experiences feature on the Island, helping guests authentically enjoy Puerto Rico through unique, handcrafted activities hosted by locals. Airbnb will also donate its fees from trips booked in Puerto Rico for the next three months to organizations including All Hands and Hearts, a volunteer relief non-profit, and local recovery organizations.

State Senator Victor Torres and State Representative Robert Cortes, both of whom represent areas of Central Florida with heavy Puerto Rican populations, applauded the partnership. They challenged our host community to support this newly-launched initiative by encouraging guests to visit Puerto Rico and stay with local hosts.

“It was very nice for us to have been at the meeting this Wednesday and to have listened to the ideas we are driving to help Puerto Rico. It is very important that they know that they [Puerto Ricans] have our full support.”  

Dario Osorio, Kissimmee-based host

In addition, Samuel Nieves, an Orlando-based host and Puerto Rican native, said, “Airbnb has changed my life literally. What Airbnb is doing with different countries is amazing, especially for Puerto Rico.”

State Senator Torres thanked Airbnb and the host community for promoting travel to Puerto Rico and asked for local Airbnb hosts to extend help to families relocating to the Orlando area in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

State Representative Robert Cortes, also a Puerto Rican native, shared that he is an even bigger fan of Airbnb now given what we are doing to help support Puerto Rico and its people.   Cortes is eager to help get Puerto Rico back on its feet and expressed his appreciation for Airbnb’s efforts to make that possible.