Meet the Stars Behind the Record Holders Collection on Airbnb Experiences

For the first time ever, those who have been inspired by record breaking can gain insider access to the people behind the talent with a new collection of Experiences.

Available only on Airbnb, the Record Holders collection will offer unprecedented access to a selection of Guinness World Records title holders and an introduction into their passion, art or skill allowing people to power their curiosity through activities and workshops. 

Brittany Walsh, Oregon, USA – Farthest arrow shot using feet

Brittany, the Guinness World Records title holder for the Farthest arrow shot using feet (12.31m), will be hosting an exclusive Experience where guests can witness her incredible feat, before dipping their toes into circus acrobatics.

Kevin Nicks, Gloucestershire, UK – Fastest garden shed

Kevin, the creator of the Fastest garden shed (80.67mph) has zoomed into the Guinness World Records 2020 edition and is offering unprecedented access for guests to witness the shed reach speeds of over 80 miles per hour first hand.

Getti Kehayova, Nevada, USA – Largest hula hoop spun

With the incredible ability to spin a 17ft, 0.25in titanium hula hoop that earnt her the Guinness World Records title for the Largest hula hoop spun (female), Getti is now sharing her tips and tricks with others through her Airbnb Experience. As well as hula hooping with a pro, guests will also get the chance to see and have photos with the 17ft hula hoop.

Lisa and Chris Pitman, Kent, UK – Most pine boards broken in one minute with one hand (Male and Female)

After securing their most recent Guinness World Records titles with over 500 blocks smashed in one minute between them (Lisa 230, Chris 315), husband and wife duo the Pitmans are now welcoming people into their power-breaking world. They will be showing guests how to smash tiles, boards, blocks and bricks with their bare hands during their Airbnb Experience.

Martin Rees, London, UK – Most magic tricks performed in a single skydive

With the Guinness World Records title for the Most magic tricks performed in a single skydive (11), celebrity stories and television appearances under his belt, magician Martin has a lot to share during his two hour Airbnb Experience.

Discover more of these Experiences and others in the Record Holders Collection.