Salteño pride: Salta Hosts create their first club

On March 23rd over 50 hosts from Salta, Argentina, met to create the first Home Sharing Club in the province (second in Argentina). Home Sharing Clubs are spaces for Hosts to share their experiences, advice and ideas, and organize local activities for their communities.

These hosts want to become local cultural ambassadors and support small businesses and entrepreneurs in the region to increase the economic impact fueled by Airbnb visitors.

The club launch took place in a host-owned local restaurant and another host entertained the mingling crowd with music.

Hosts also shared their thoughts about Airbnb and the Club:

“Meeting other home sharers was a meaningful moment that allowed me to hear new ideas and also identify myself with fellow hosts and their hosting experiences. I really like to give advice to guests about what they can see and do in Salta”, said Constanza.

Diana told us that: “As a widow who needs a source of income, Airbnb represents a way to make a living. The meeting was very positive because it is nice to get to know other hosts with the same interests and who can help each other”.

“Being connected to other hosts is positive because we can help each other use the tools available on the platform, exchange experiences, help each other improve, and offer new solutions and ideas”, expressed Moira.

“Airbnb is very important because it allows me to dedicate myself to an activity that I always wanted to do and was never able to for lack of time and money. I love meeting people from other places and making them feel at home. Although hosting requires a lot of attention, I manage my own time. Airbnb makes me feel safe. If I had to choose two words to describe it those would be ‘safety’ and ‘trust’”, finished Marina.

In the upcoming months, the club will meet again to discuss platform tools, highlight unique Salta experiences, and share more advice and experiences.