Stretch Your Imagination with these Wild Yoga Experiences on Airbnb

The ancient discipline that engages body and soul has become such a part of our everyday routine that the United Nations has named June 21st the International Day of Yoga. The onward ascent of yoga is confirmed by the latest data from Airbnb: the platform currently has more than 800 dedicated yoga experiences – a 192% increase on the amount offered last year.

And it’s not just classic yoga on offer: on Airbnb you can practice on water, at the beach or even in a field surrounded by goats! Whatever kind of yogi you might be, here are a few that are sure to stretch your imagination and your soul. Namaste!

Yoga on the Beach

Lulled by the sound of the waves on a beach in Tulum, sun-kissed by the sunrise on the shores of San Sebastian, or enchanted by the music on the Santa Barbara beach: this selection of beach-based yoga will have you bending over backwards – cheerfully! Airbnb Experiences offer everything from Yoga on the beach in Tulum to Yoga at dawn on the beach in San Sebastian to Silent Disco Yoga on the beach of Santa Barbara.

Paddle Yoga

Standup paddleboarding is another fitness trend that has really taken off in the past few years. Why not knock two top-trending activities off your bucket list with an experience that combines paddleboarding with yoga. On Airbnb there are all kinds of yoga Experience in and on the water: from Sup Yoga in crystal clear waters in Ibiza to Paddleboat Yoga on Lake Garda to SUP Yoga in Hawaii

Yoga with animals

Already a fan favourite in the US, the latest trend to take yogis by storm is horse yoga. The union of fitness and pet therapy aims to connect man and horse in a transformational way. On Airbnb you can choose between horses and goats! Yoga Experiences on Airbnb that involve animals include Yoga and Meditation on a horse in Malibu, Goat Yoga in Hawaii and Yoga in a farm in Summerville.

Yoga in unique locations

Airbnb Experiences often combine extraordinary activities in unique locations. The Yoga Experiences on Airbnb are a great example of this: offering locations such as an art studio in Rome, a private rooftop in Los Angeles or an historic palace in Venice. Unusual locations where you can try a Yoga Experience on Airbnb include: Yoga in an art studio in Rome, Yoga in Central Park in New York, Silent Disco Yoga on a rooftop in Los Angeles and Yoga in a historical palace in Venice.