Airbnb Launches New WiFi Speed Tool for Guests to Stay Connected

WiFi Tool as key feature for digital nomads

More Thais have been working from home than ever before due to the pandemic. The lines between living and travel have become blurred, and with a new found adaptability to work remotely while traveling, it’s no surprise that work-cations have become a new trend among Thais. Notably, a YouGov survey commissioned by Airbnb found that the top three destinations where Thais preferred extended work-cations were, in order of ranking: other urban cities (46%), coastal areas (41%), and rural destinations (31%).

Guests want peace of mind that where they’re staying can support their connected needs; and whether gaming and streaming on Twitch, Zooming with colleagues, or catching up with family on video chat — fast and stable internet is more important than ever.

With WiFi being an increasingly key amenity for remote working and work-cations, Airbnb recently launched a new feature where guests can determine a listing’s WiFi speed before booking — a must-have for remote workers, digital nomads, traveling families alike.

Wifi Speed

While Hosts have been able to manually add WiFi speeds to their listing pages for some time, Airbnb is now providing an easy and efficient in-app solution to allow them to measure the wifi speed in their listing using the Airbnb app.

Here are some popular work-cation options in Bangkok: