The positive results of working with the regional government in Andalusia

In February, the Airbnb platform implemented a streamlined system that made it easier for hosts to register and comply with Andalusian regional law. We worked with the regional government on a solution that worked. As a result, Andalusia became the first region in Spain to implement this system, which was successfully replicated in Portugal and other cities around the world.

Since then, hosts across Andalusia have been able to register, obtaining a licence number from the regional government and clearly display this on their listing. Today, the regional association of vacation rentals (AVVA) announced that more and more people in the region are registering and complying with the law.

Regulation in Andalusia proves that when companies, communities and governments work together the outcome is effective. However, Airbnb is the only platform in the region that has worked with authorities on specific solutions. We believe Junta de Andalucía must hold other platforms to the same high standards”, said Sergio Vinay, Public Policy lead for Airbnb Marketing Services.

For more than a year, Airbnb has been communicating the host community in Andalusia the changes in the tourism regulation and how to be a responsible host. Airbnb launched an informational campaign, reaching hosts across Andalusia via phone calls, emails and online resources. Also, the customer experience service was specially trained to be able to solve problems regarding the tool and the registration process in Andalusia.