Walk in Table Mountain’s history

This morning, Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy and Communications at Airbnb, enjoyed a trip up Table Mountain, hosted by two Experience hosts on Airbnb, Greg and Ricky.

Greg and Ricky are both experienced and qualified mountain guides and take guests off the beaten track where they will enjoy extraordinary vistas and fantastic spots up Cape Town’s most famous mountain. After a morning hike to the top, or a cable car ride, Greg and Ricky will find you the perfect spot, so you can enjoy the fantastic views of the city below.

Greg and Ricky take the time to share the story behind South Africa’s history and the role Table Mountain played in making it what it is today, from its formation; its importance to indigenous people; and then to European colonial powers. From the highest point of Table Mountain, the city below is used by Greg and Ricky as a map, revealing the history of Apartheid and the impacts it had on their city.