Watch: Meet 5 Amazing Airbnb Hosts in San Francisco

Meet Kevin, Esther, Ashley, Lorraine, and Alice: five San Francisco residents who are using Airbnb to make a little extra income to help pay the bills and stay in the homes and city they love. The extra income has helped them weather life’s uncertainties and stay stable during economic fluctuations in the city. They’re not alone — 77% of Airbnb hosts in San Francisco say that they use the money they earn from Airbnb to help pay their rent or mortgage.

Get to know these amazing Airbnb hosts.

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Meet Kevin and Esther of Outer Sunset

When Kevin was unexpectedly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he and his wife Esther were worried about what the future might hold. Facing a long recovery while worrying about keeping up with the rising cost of living, and saving for their children’s college was overwhelming. They decided to open their home to Airbnb guests, and rented out their inlaw apartment. The extra income from home sharing gave them peace of mind, and allowed Kevin to focus on his recovery. Now, they love offering visitors a unique and affordable way to experience San Francisco.


Meet Ashley of the Excelsior

When Ashley first started home sharing, she was working three jobs and struggling to stay in San Francisco where she had always dreamed of living. The extra income she earned brought stability and has had a big impact on her life. She loves hosting people from around the world and connecting them with local businesses, and with support from her landlord, has been able to renovate her apartment.