Watch: Meet Three Amazing Airbnb Hosts in Miami

From retirees supplementing their fixed income to families trying to make ends meet, Airbnb helps Miami residents afford to live in an increasingly expensive city. For many Airbnb hosts, the extra income from sharing their home can make all the difference.

When a guest books a stay at an Airbnb home, 97% of the rental price goes directly to the host. 66% of Miami hosts say their Airbnb income helps them stay in their homes.

Airbnb hosts don’t just share their homes – they share their neighborhoods and local business recommendations. When Airbnb guests stay local, they spend more money at local businesses.

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Meet Carol

Carol works at a local college and uses the supplemental income she makes as a host to pay her rent. Carol loves to make guests feel more at home and uses home sharing as an opportunity to support local businesses.




Meet Linda

Linda lives in New York and uses Airbnb to visit her family in Miami. Because of the affordability of staying in an Airbnb, Linda is able to spend more money on vacation and stay for longer.





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