Week for Good: Hosts in Rotterdam bake happy pies for charity

During Airbnb’s Week for Good, from May 14-18, several hosts joined forces in Rotterdam to help host Fabiana in her initiative to support the ‘Maak Kanker Kansloos’ cause (organised by the Daniel den Hoed Fonds) that raises money for cancer research.

Fabiana was herself affected by cancer five years ago and whilst fighting the disease, decided to change her diet into a fully plant-based one. Hence her initiative for Week for Good was a very personal one, as she’s recently started to organise workshops in plant-based baking, to share her knowledge and how it changed her life positively.

On May 15th, Rotterdam hosts and volunteers from Airbnb came together in Fabiana’s home to prepare the filling for the 60 apple pies that were pre-purchased to support the charity. Fabiana educated the volunteers on her style of cooking and as a team prepared ingredients together. In the afternoon some other hosts and friends of Fabiana joined to finish and bake the cakes at the ‘Bakkerswerkplaats’.

Together with a donation of Airbnb, the happy, and healthy pies summed up to a donation amount of nearly €2.000. All of the funds will go directly to ‘Maak Kanker Kansloos’. Fabian is one of the hosts who started the Home Sharing Club in Rotterdam, learn more about her baking workshops now.