“Welcome to France”: Airbnb’s community board meets for the second time

Nobody knows the Airbnb platform better than the users. That is why, in March 2018, Airbnb launched the first community board in France. The goal is to give a voice to the community in order to build the future of the platform together

Nearly 25 members of Welcome to France met for the second time on Saturday, June 30th at the Nid Airbnb. Those in attendance were able to share their vision of the community and think about their next steps. The members’ ideas were organized around several different themes, that evolved into new projects meant to be put in action in the coming months. 

Meeting community needs

For Christopher, host in Roanne, Welcome to France is an opportunity to make the community progress and share with its members:  

“These meetings allow me to see what is happening in Home Sharing Clubs across the country, and to learn from what is being done elsewhere. During the workshops, I was able to offer ideas on topics that are close to my heart, but also get answers to my questions.”

For Emmanuel Marill, Director of Airbnb France:

“Through the community board, we can work hand in hand with the community to understand their needs and hear their proposals. This is how we improve our platform and ensure that it is truly for everyone.”

The next step for the assembly is to give life to the projects brainstormed during the day and relay the information to the various Home Sharing Clubs represented by the members. The next meeting will take place in September.

Look at photos of the event:

Look at photos of the event: