What if this Year All Your Christmas Gifts Were Handmade?

Every year   around    November, the Christmas shopping race begins and with it, the  inevitable    gifts dilemma.

A recent study shows that for the holidays, one third (33%) of consumers intend to   give  handmade gifts.

In Paris and around the world, DIY Experiences are multiplying to allow travelers to discover new manual activities and bring  their creations home,  whether it’s  a calligraphy card, a self-portrait, or  an    embroidered cloth. What if this year, you took    advantage of an Airbnb Experience to make your personalized Christmas gifts?

Experiences | London. 2017.

Prepare (and taste!) handmade chocolates for loved ones in London with world class chocolatiers.

Experiences | Seoul. 2017.

Learn how to arrange a bouquet with J in Seoul and impress anyone on your gift-giving list.

Experiences | Cape Town. 2016.

Craft traditional shweshwe fabric jewelry pieces to adorn your gift recipients.

Experiences | Chicago. 2017.

Join Carrie in giving back to the community while gifting the foodies in your life by learning to make a unique cutting board out of locally sourced ash in Chicago.


As a sentimental gift ,  learn the art making a unique and original kimono with   Mio    in Tokyo.


Cotton, wool or silk, take an old piece in your loved one’s closet and  give it a refresh by learning the traditional art of shibori dyeing with indigo. in New York.

SYD_SE-37888_LEADING IMAGE_21_Square_R1

In Sydney, get an inside look at leather shoemaking while making your own leather bracelet to bring home –  also enjoy a discount on host Andrew’s shoes and accessories!


Craft your own Frida portrait decoration   in Mexico City  with paper flowers, beads and color knitting stamen, among other materials and    create the headdress with your personal touch.

For creatives without borders, Art Themed Experiences are also available in many more of our Experiences cities.