What Mom wants: Gifting made easy with Airbnb wishlists

Most of us would recall the little moments back in elementary school when we proudly presented our mothers with a handcrafted gift for Mother’s Day, often crookedly made out of clay or imperfectly cut out from colored papers, bearing the heartwarming words: “For Mom”. Fast forward to us all grown up – the art of choosing gifts today has become seemingly harder to master, especially when faced with an increasingly wide set of choices. 

After a particularly challenging year, Filipinos — moms included — are yearning to travel with their family and loved ones amidst the ongoing pandemic*. So why not put those long-lost DIY skills to good use and plan a getaway just “For Mom”? We might not be able to drive mom to the family’s favourite resort just yet, but this means more time to plan her next escapade — and Airbnb may have just the right tools to help you discover the perfect vacation spot!

Get inspiration from Airbnb’s Wishlists

This Mother’s Day, Airbnb has curated a collection of Stays and Online Experiences to inspire your next family vacation. Designed for moms looking for a retreat from the everyday bustle and tap into the healing power of nature, Airbnb’s Naturally Zen wishlist features serene, sun-soaked getaways for an unforgettable vacation.

As the desire for fresh air, new experiences, and wide-open spaces far from the frenzy of city life continues to grow among families, why not start curating your very own wishlist with Mom? It’ll be your handy guide to concoct a lovely surprise trip for her once travel restrictions are lifted.

Check out these beautiful Airbnb Stays surrounded by lush greenery that may be worth adding to the wishlist: 

  • Wake up to the breathtaking views of Nasugbu’s rolling grasslands in this modern glass cabin. Situated near the foothills of famous Mount Batulao, this cabin offers sweeping 360-degree views of both mountain and sea.
  • Tucked in a secluded area of Tagaytay, this off-the-grid cabin offers great views of Taal Lake and the surrounding forests. Its calm ambiance and solitary location make it an ideal spot for Mom to relax and recharge.

Online Experiences for our mommas

While we map out future getaways for mom, why not first bring her on a few virtual experiences this Mother’s Day weekend? Plane tickets and accommodation bookings are not required with Airbnb Online Experiences – exciting activities and experiences led by local passionate hosts. Here are some perfect Online Experiences for Mother’s Day:

  • Prepare coffee like an expert with Mom: This one is for all coffee aficionado Moms. When it comes to a good cup of coffee, everyone has their favorite blends and go-to cafes. But for days when you’re at home, knowing how to brew an amazing cup of coffee can be the perfect way to perk up your day! Surprise mom with this Online Experience with Host Leandro, a Colombian coffee taster, and barista. He’ll teach you how to blend the right mix of coffee, and share more about the unique origins of Colombian coffee.
  • Bring Mom on a culinary journey: Put on your aprons and whip up a Spanish culinary feast for Mom, all from the comfort and safety of your own kitchen. Join Host Helina, founder and chef of Paella Barcelona as she guides you on how to make authentic Spanish paella perfect for a Mother’s Day meal. 
  • Meditate and spend a yoga afternoon with Mom: This Mother’s Day, encourage Mom to put herself first! Spend a relaxing and meaningful afternoon together with Host Amornrat, as she takes you and Mom through this 90-minute yoga and meditation class.
  • Whisk Mom away to a hidden jazz club: Treat Mom to a lovely live jazz night as Host Theo pays tribute to some of our favourite jazz vocalists and composers. Sing along with top jazz vocalists and musicians who have performed at world-class venues around the world, including the Royal Albert Hall in London, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and the Lincoln Center in NYC. 

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift may be quite challenging in these times,  but with a little imagination, you can give your mom a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

*Based on Airbnb’s Philippines Travel Trends Survey 2021