10 Airbnbs Luvvie Ajayi Jones is Loving, Not Judging

Airbnb has partnered with New York Times bestselling author, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, to look back at her travels in 2019 and recommend homes where she would stay if she could have a redo.

Luvvie, who traveled for more than 25 speaking engagements and partnership commitments in 2019, is currently working on her second book (all of her travel didn’t interfere with her completing her book proposal!). She’ll still be traveling in 2020; however a major focus will be on completing the draft of her manuscript for her book which will be released in the first three months of 2021. Below, Luvvie shares several listings on Airbnb that she would be comfortable in when traveling outside of her home in Chicago.

San Francisco: Private, Remodeled Home Close to Golden Gate Park

I love staying in places with lots of natural light. We all know California has great weather 24/7, but in San Francisco, the weather can vary, and sometimes, you just want to cozy up indoors because that Bay Area breeze can get really cold! This cozy studio has everything that I look for when I travel, including a kitchen and work desk. From this Airbnb, I can walk to all the nearby coffee shops and restaurants, so it’s a place I’m bookmarking for my next visit out west!

Los Angeles: Architectural Masterpiece with Roof Deck

In September, I hosted the 13th Annual ADCOLOR Awards in Los Angeles. I’m in Los Angeles a lot for work but I rarely get to the beach. With a few more days, I’d like to explore a bit more. This home is just the kind of place that helps get my creative juices going. It’s close to the beach and not too far from one of the Nigerian restaurants that I love. This place is out of a movie. I could definitely spend some time here. 

Atlanta: Radiant Boho Bungalow in Historic West End

I can’t help but love a city with a Black female Mayor! In April, I spoke in Atlanta but I was literally in and out because I had a live Jesus and Jollof show at the Apollo in New York later that night. I didn’t even have a chance to see any of my friends. This cute bungalow would be a great place for me to hang out. The hosts, Brandi and Stephen, have designed a cozy and clean place that definitely seems Auntie Robe-worthy. 

Detroit: Charming Little Paris Flat in Heart of Detroit

In May, I had two speaking engagements in Detroit, back to back. You know I’m all about the bathroom prep ritual and this bathroom is worthy of my Afrobeats playlist. The two-sink bathroom is clutch if you are traveling with someone. If I had a do-over for my Detroit trip this year, this is definitely a place I’d stay.

St. Louis: Cozy, Old World Charm Apartment in Benton Park!!!

I was in St. Louis for less than 24 hours. With a couple of extra days, this historic home with its spacious living room and gorgeous bathtub could be my home base as I explore the sites and maybe even venture to Kansas City.

Houston: City Living Crib

I’ve got family in Houston but I still like having my own spot sometimes since the city is so spread out. This beautiful Houston home is perfect for getting together with friends and family in the area. It’s got a large kitchen area and enough living space to accommodate everyone. The next time I’m in Houston, I’m staying at Terry’s place!

Cincinnati: Modern Luxury, Historic Setting at Duncanson

In March, I spoke in Cincinnati at Procter & Gamble. This was another less than 24 hour trip. With more time, I’d love to take advantage of this backyard! And the fact that the house is so affordable ($62 a night on some dates) makes it even better. I really do love the Midwest for those righteous prices.

New Orleans: Bask in the Tranquil Courtyard of Bywater Guest House

I’m usually in New Orleans every July speaking at the Essence Music Festival. Because of it, my trips there are action packed and on the go, so New Orleans is not a place I associate with “rest.” Well, I did end up there for a family vacation once and we had a blast. This colorful house feels right for a city that has so much soul and energy. Plus, it puts me close enough to the French Quarter. Also, the pictures I could take here with this house as the backdrop? Epic.

Nashville: Cozy East Nashville Cottage with Relaxed Southern Style

I get my best writing inspiration when I’m able to focus on myself and my thoughts. With such a busy schedule, it’s hard to set aside time to write, so I have to be very disciplined, which is what I found when writing I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual. As I get ready to write my second book, I’m looking to retreat to places like this home, free of distraction. 

Charlotte: Duplex on Quiet Street in Heart of Art District

I had an engagement in Charlotte a few weeks after my wedding, and immediately following engagements in St. Louis and Atlanta so to say the trip was a blur in an understatement! This studio has everything I’d need for a couple of days stay. That hammock is calling my name! I’ve heard it’s a great place to visit and it’s a short distance to other cities like Savannah and Charleston.

Tune into Luvvie’s special 2020 travel bonus episode on her “Rants & Randomness” podcast on January 21 where she’ll look back at her travels in 2019, talk about her upcoming plans and travel destinations in 2020, and share travel tips.