A night under the stars in the Italian Alps

Starsbox in the evening with a dramatic nighttime landscape behind the glowing cabin. Wooden tiny house at night in situ at its location in the Italian Alps.

Inspired by ancient shepherd’s huts and tailor-made for stargazing, Airbnb’s latest offering is a tiny house with a retractable roof and stunning views of the Italian Alps. The stay has been airlifted 2,400 meters above sea level to a location free from light pollution and with optimal conditions for viewing the sky at night. 

The stay

The tiny sustainable home, built by StarsBOX®, was conceived with adventure in mind and to acknowledge the surge in interest on Airbnb for rural stays. Searches by Italians for non urban areas increased by 51 percent in May this year compared to the same time in 2019. This stay is certainly non urban: guests will need to hike 12 miles through the Maritime Alps Natural Park to get to their remote destination – far from the nearest paved road, habitation or mobile signal. 

Adventurers who book will be rewarded for their hiking efforts with breathtaking views of Lake Protette and the surrounding Alpine peaks – the setting for their unique stay.

The Host

Expert mountaineer Marco Bassino, the Host for the night, will welcome guests with a specially prepared feast inspired by the local produce of the mountainous region. 19-year-old Marco lives in the Natural Park where he takes care of the state-owned park lodges. He is co-Host of the Stay along with Lara, one of the founders of the architectural studio behind StarsBOX®. He comes from a family of Alpine enthusiasts – his sister Marta Bassino is the current Giant Slalom world cup holder. 

“This is one of the most stunning locations you could ever stay in. During my work taking care of the Natural Park, I have often come here and thought it would be the perfect place to spend the night. Once the sun goes down it becomes pitch dark – we are miles and miles from the nearest town or source of light pollution. So the view of the night sky is breathtaking and very much worth the hike.”

Marco, Host and Park Ranger

Highlights include:

  • Panoramic views of the night sky from your specially constructed StarsBOX® with a retractable roof.
  • A guided hike along the Alpine lakes or a guided exploration of the Natural Park’s ancient forts.
  • Specially prepared ‘mountaineering meals’ made from local produce and designed to fuel your hike.
  • Uninterrupted views of one of Italy’s most beloved Natural Parks – the Maritime Alps.

How to book

The stay can be booked here with prices starting at 150€ per night. For anyone wishing to book a stargazing stay without the strenuous hike, there are an additional ten StarsBOX® Stays available across Italy at www.airbnb.com/d/starsbox

About Airbnb

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