Airbnb Backs Calls for an EU Regulator for Digital Services

Airbnb is today backing calls for an EU regulator for digital services to be included in proposals for a Digital Services Act, ensuring that future European regulations best serve all stakeholders, including cities, governments and companies.  Airbnb said that an EU regulator would provide trusted guidance to policymakers and digital platforms to support the development of sound regulations that work for everyone and that comply with EU laws. 

The proposed regulator would also help ensure a stable, predictable and consistent approach to regulations across the EU, and could help mediate talks between government and industry stakeholders when the right path forward on developing clear rules and regulations is unclear or disputed. 

While our thinking on this topic is still in its early stages and we have much still to do, we are clear that we support calls for a single European oversight body for digital services.

Chris Lehane, Airbnb Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Communications

“Over the last few years, governments have updated their rules and platforms such as Airbnb have developed innovative new ways to partner with governments to serve all stakeholders. But that journey has been long, sometimes confusing, and often costly. We want to work with everyone to ensure that the proposed Digital Services Act serves all stakeholders and provides the best possible deal for cities, governments and companies,” added Lehane.  

Airbnb shared its proposals for an EU regulator for digital services in a series of letters to EU and city leaders today, which also include steps being taken by the company on transparency, tax and trust to be good partners to cities, including news that it will launch a new partnership in the coming weeks to provide cities with independently published data on the impact of Airbnb in cities across Europe. 

“Our commitment to cities is long-term and ongoing and while as a company we are not perfect, we are always learning and we will keep moving forward with this important work. Not only is this approach consistent with our mission to be a 21st century company that serves all stakeholders, it is providing a solid and sustainable foundation for the long-term future growth of our business,” said Lehane. 


You can view the letter sent to European city leaders today here

Today’s letters follow others sent from Airbnb co-found Nathan Blecharczyk to European city leaders in December, following a judgement at the the Court of Justice of the European Union, which you can view here

Airbnb shared its vision to be a 21st century company that serves all stakeholders earlier this month, which you can view here