Airbnb Brings NYC Community Together to Paint Their Pride

To celebrate Pride and take a stand for belonging and acceptance for all, Airbnb collaborated with LGBTQ and New York City-based artist, Anthony Goicolea, to commission a massive mural now on display in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On Saturday, June 16, Airbnb and Anthony brought the community together for a one-of-a-kind Experience to adorn a 38.1’W x 14.6’H wall with a mural that depicts a thought-provoking composite of human portraits.

Anthony, who was also commissioned by the state of New York to design the first official LGBTQ monument, greeted his guests Saturday afternoon on a bustling sidewalk in Williamsburg. While guests put on smocks and booties to prep for the afternoon of painting, Anthony explained the meaning behind his piece of art.

Depicting a row of people surrounded by a lush ‘Eden-like’ environment, the mural is made up of hybridized faces styled from the likeness of people from different ethnicities and genders cobbled together with features that are traditionally thought of as beautiful or desirable. It shares the vision that no matter what features we have, where we’re from, or what gender we may be, we’re all still one – while also challenging the notion of conventional beauty.

Throughout the afternoon, Anthony and his guests worked together to complete the mural, which will be proudly showcased until July 8.

Photo and video courtesy of Colossal Media

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