Airbnb Delivers $2.6 Billion in Taxes to Governments Around the World

Airbnb has delivered more than $2.6 billion in tourism-related taxes to local governments on behalf of our global host community over the past seven years.*

Airbnb first began collecting and remitting taxes on behalf of our community in 2014 through voluntary collection agreements with San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. Now, we are collecting and remitting taxes in more than 650 jurisdictions around the world, covering thousands of cities, and the number continues to grow. This year, we started collecting and remitting taxes in dozens of new jurisdictions, including the State of Georgia, the City of Rome, Italy,  and the Province of Saskatchewan.

As communities seek to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic, this tax revenue is more important than ever. Airbnb collects applicable taxes directly from guests, then remits those taxes to the relevant government jurisdiction. This streamlines the process for our host community, many of whom are sharing their homes to earn meaningful income, and has helped ensure that communities are receiving this critical tax revenue. 

Airbnb remains committed to supporting the economic recovery of communities around the world, and we look forward to working with more local and national governments to streamline tax collection and deliver this important revenue.

*As of September 30, 2020.