Airbnb is introducing total price display and updating guest checkout

Host welcomes a guest to their listing

Today, we are announcing:

  • Total price display: Starting in December, we will begin rolling out the option to display total price in countries without existing price display requirements. Total price will include all fees before taxes and be shown in search results, as well as on the map, filter, and listing page. Before confirming their booking, guests can still view a full price breakdown that shows Airbnb’s service fee, discounts, and taxes.
  • Search ranking prioritizes total price: We are prioritizing total price (instead of nightly price) in our search ranking algorithm. This means that for similar listings in the same area, those with the highest quality and best total prices will rank higher in search results.
  • Pricing tools for Hosts: Starting in early 2023, we will provide Hosts with new pricing and discounting tools to help them understand the final price guests pay and how to set competitive prices. We expect these changes will help Hosts be more successful and provide even greater value to guests.
  • Improvements to guest checkout: We’re providing guidance to Hosts that if they have checkout requests, they should be reasonable and displayed to guests before they book.  

Guests should not have to do unreasonable checkout tasks such as stripping the beds, doing the laundry, or vacuuming when leaving their Airbnb. But we think it’s reasonable to ask guests to turn off the lights, throw food in the trash, and lock the doors—just like they would when leaving their own home. 

We will continue to share more as we roll out these updates.

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