Airbnb unveils the top Hosts under 30 in APAC for 2022

While Airbnb Hosts span the age spectrum, today, we’re focusing on the younger generation of Hosts, and recognizing 13 successful, innovative and tenacious Airbnb Hosts in APAC under the age of 30 for 2022. The incredible individuals below tell a story of age not being a barrier to becoming a successful Host, many with an eye toward the economic empowerment unlocked through hosting. The desire to create passive income streams was a common theme as we connected with this year’s top Hosts under 30 in APAC. 

Earning passive income through hosting 

Many Hosts under 30 are fulfilling their financial dreams with the help of Airbnb.

When asked about why she started hosting, Alexandra, 29, who hosts Mrs M’s Cottage in Tasmania, Australia with her husband, told us: “Back in October last year, we decided to give our farm cottage a mini renovation and list it on Airbnb, hoping that it would provide some extra income while we waited for cattle to be sold. In that first month, we were booked out almost every night – we couldn’t believe it! We knew our farm was something special and we were excited that our guests agreed.” 

Edwin, 27, who hosts The Dan Garden in Melaka, Malaysia, pointed to the importance the income has played in his life as inflation drives up everyday costs. “My parents and I decided to transform this bungalow into a homestay for some passive income, which has helped supplement our mortgage payments.”

Taro, 28, who hosts this modern listing in Hyogo, Japan told us: “If you have your own business like me – I run a tatami mat shop – you should definitely start hosting as it will be a new source of income to support your main business.”

Dwyane, 24, who hosts the Tali Vacation Home in Calabarzon, Philippines, told us: “My parents and I decided to list our vacation home on Airbnb for additional passive income as I saw that there was an interest in beach homes on Airbnb. Additionally, there weren’t many homes in the area with similar architectural style, so I figured it would be a great way to stand out.”

Tips for getting started on the hosting journey 

The decision to start the journey of becoming an Airbnb Host is not a small one, especially for those under 30, but these top Hosts under 30 have some advice for those considering it. 

When asked what advice he would give to those mulling over becoming an Airbnb Host, Kantaphon, 27, who hosts the Punjum House in Chiang Mai, Thailand told us: “If you are interested in being an Airbnb Host, I would suggest that you start now! It is such a great opportunity for you to spend time with your guests and it also benefits the local community.”

Justin, 28, who hosts this industrial-inspired homestay in Melaka, Malaysia told us: “The best advice I can give young people who are considering becoming an Airbnb Host is to just go for it. I started with no prior hosting experience but slowly gained hands-on experience from each hosting.”

Kunal, 28, who hosts this cozy villa in Goa, India told us: “For the young people looking to host, I would say to not worry about the ‘what ifs’. Hosting will definitely come with both good and challenging experiences, but the good outweigh the challenges you’ll face by miles.”

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Airbnb 30 Under 30 Class of 2022

We are highlighting the 13 Hosts below based on their success as Airbnb Hosts at a young age as illustrated by their incredible share of five-star reviews. The data illustrates the greatness of these Hosts: 

  • The average rating of the Hosts featured below is 4.9.
  • Collectively, these Hosts have had over 4,300 check-ins. 

Alexandra, 29,  Mrs M’s Cottage in Tasmania, Australia with her husband

“Give your guests something extra – this doesn’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as a personalized welcome note. It’s the small details that make your listing special!”

Allister, 27, who hosts this holiday home in Goa, India

“I have never looked back ever since I started hosting. Do up your property the way you would want it to be if you were living in it. Be very responsive to your guests and also provide local tips and recommendations for places and things they can do nearby your listing.”

Kunal, 28,  who hosts this cozy villa in Goa, India with his mother.

“The idea of hosting my place on Airbnb emerged after my family trip to Malaysia a few years ago, when we stayed in an Airbnb. We had a wonderful time and great care was taken to make our stay comfortable. I was very impressed by this experience and thought it would be wonderful to give other people the same experience at my very own place.”

Teresa, 27, who hosts Risa Maria in Meghalaya, India.

“My brother and I started hosting because we love Airbnb’s idea of living like a local. For young people who are considering hosting, the cleanliness of your listing is of utmost importance, and it is important to maintain good relations with your guests.” 

Taro, 28, who hosts this modern listing in Hyogo, Japan with his wife.

“My first encounter with Airbnb was when I was on a domestic trip when I was studying in the US. I was surprised that an individual could do something like that. Since I have a tatami mat business, I added tatami mats to my listings as well. I also hold tatami workshop tours and mini tatami making workshops! One of my best memories was going to a soccer match with my guests and it felt so wonderful to make memories with people I’d never met prior to hosting.”

Joonkyoo, 29, who hosts this lovely wooden cabin in Byeonsan, Korea.

“The best advice to aspiring Hosts is to provide guests with the opportunity to live in your space and be part of your life. It is such a great thing for us Hosts to share our own stories and experiences with guests and receive the same in return.” 

Edwin, 27, who hosts The Dan Garden in Melaka, Malaysia.

“I feel that cleanliness and punctuality are the main priorities when it comes to hosting. I also often gather feedback from guests about their stay experiences so that I can make improvements,”

Weng Ooi, 24, who hosts The Corner Family House in Negeri Perak, Malaysia.

“Most of the Hosts in cities I have visited are super friendly and willing to share. After having such awesome experiences, I wish to bring the same experience to everyone who visits and make it unforgettable for them. My advice for young people who want to start their hosting journey is to not think and just do it. Aside from earning passive income, hosting enabled me to make a lot of new friends from all over the world. Do stay in Airbnb listings when you travel, then you will understand why people love Airbnb!”

Deo, 27, who hosts this spacious guesthouse in Calabarzon, Philippines.

“I love hosting for the joy and fulfillment it brings. I didn’t expect to enjoy hosting as I actually do – connecting with others, doing the little things to ensure a relaxing stay, and being a part of guests’ precious moments. Also, work towards being a Superhost!”

Dwyane, 24, who hosts the Tali Vacation Home in Calabarzon, Philippines.

“I wanted an additional stream of income to help pay my student loans. Airbnb has provided job security that if something were to happen with my day job, I know I have an additional stream of income. It has also allowed us travel while also constantly having a home base we can come back to when we need it.”

Genie, 23, who hosts this three-bedder home in Bangkok, Thailand with her family.

“After staying in an Airbnb for the first time when I was overseas, I thought it would be nice to be a Host back in Thailand to welcome guests from all over the world who are looking for a local Bangkok experience. I think reliability, comfort and the community are top priorities when it comes to hosting. Though my listing is not in a prime location, it is important to recognize the charm of your own home and bring it out. I also enjoy staying at other Airbnb homes as I can learn from other Hosts and see how they do things differently.”

Kantaphon, 27, who hosts the Punjum House in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“Make sure to look after your guests as if they are friends visiting you and decorate your home based on your own style. I believe that guests will feel connected to you and see how sincere you are!”

Justin, 28, who hosts this industrial-inspired homestay in Melaka, Malaysia.

“Initially, I wanted to just rent my place out by just collecting rent, but somehow, I had an idea to list my listing on Airbnb and be a Host instead, since my brother is an interior designer. I’ve been hosting with my brother since 2016, and we hope that our listing will be a home away from home for everyone.