For Mexican hosts: best practices from the safety experts

Your safety is our top priority.

That’s why we’re sharing best practices from the safety experts at Protección Civil — Mexico’s agency in charge of disaster, emergency response, and relief — to make sure you have what you need to keep your home protected and your guests safe. To bring you step-by-step guides on how the Mexican seismic alert system works and what to do if an earthquake and tropical storms and cyclones happens in your area. Print out these resources to post in your listing and share them with your guests.

1. Here are two things you can do before guests arrive:

  • Share emergency contacts: print and fill out this emergency card and post it prominently in your listing to make sure guests know how to contact local police, and other important steps in case of emergency.
  • Check water and gas valves: give them timely maintenance and check that they’re working properly before every reservation.
  • Help guests stay safe outside your home: These safety reminders for guests on what to do before they leave for a trip and what to do during their trip can help you ensure they have a good overall travel experience. Share these tips with your guests before they arrive, and also print them out to leave as reminders in your listing. (These tips can help keep you safe on your next vacation, too).

2. If there’s ever a fire or gas leak in your home, there are important steps you can take to protect yourself, your guests, and your property:

3. Regarding tropical storms and cyclones:

4. If there’s ever an earthquake near your home: