Celebrate Black History Month with Online Experiences

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the rich traditions and impactful contributions of the Black Diaspora to the world.  Celebrated since the 1970’s and throughout the month of February, this year’s Black History Month theme is The Family: Representation, Diversity and Identity, as set by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. 

Whether you’re bound by the same familial roots or tied to friends-turned-family, you can start your own traditions with Online Experiences that are great for groups and will make you feel right at home: 

Embark on a journey of personal growth through the Art of reinvention with Simidele Adeagbo, the first African and Black woman to compete in the Olympic Skeleton. This interactive experience is designed to build courage and stoke resilience. Simidele will share the transformational blueprint and valuable lessons she learned in the 100-day journey to competing in a sport she had no prior experience – in a time when she had returned to competitive sport after a nearly 10 year retirement.

Share your love for food through Soulful Biscuit Making with a TV-featured chef and children’s book author. This entertaining baking party will teach you the 10 Biscuit Commandments for baking flawless biscuits. 

Jambo! Explore the beauty of Kenyan Culture & Tradition through people, the culture and the way of life of different groupings in Kenya. This East African country boasts dozens of ethnic groups, each with its own unique cultural traditions and dialect. By the end of this Experience, you’ll even be speaking a few Swahili words.

Bond with your loved ones and learn propagation with plants. Level up your green thumb skills by taking a cutting from one plant, placing it in water and watching the root system develop before potting it in soil to make a new plant. 

Transport yourself to Africa by indulging your senses and cooking delicious African Cuisine in Quarantine. Accompanied by live music and storytelling, this interactive experience engages your taste buds, mind and spirit for a cultural experience unlike any other. 

And if you’re looking to virtually celebrate the sounds and rhythms of the culture this year, from jazz and hip hop to Black Broadway and storytelling, Online Experiences hosts are highlighting the Diaspora through music, dance, and art: 

  • Discover the Art & Soul of Black Broadway and the musical heritage of Washington, DC’s U Street through a collection of photographs that will transport you down streets and back alleys filled with murals, theaters, music venues, and memorials that embrace the history of this amazing neighborhood. A diverse playlist that matches up with the murals and venues will also be played throughout the Experience.
  • Prepare for your duo or solo act and experience Louisiana’s dance culture and enjoy a life-enhancing moment through bounce. After a fun 60 min. dance class, you’ll recenter your mind and body through a Louisiana Creole practice of meditation in the forms of candle lighting and deep breathing.
  • Gather around for storytime with an award-winning author who will perform two engaging, cover-to-cover readings of Sunny Days and Real Jungle Tales. You’ll explore character journeys, world-building and more. This interactive session will also  boost your mood and creativity with a special post-reading Q&A with the author.