Celebrate World Book Day with literary inspired stays

Dreaming of a writer’s retreat to celebrate World Book Day? These Airbnb listings will fuel your wanderlust with some of history’s most famous literary icons past homes and leave you craving to explore endless shelves of books. From a historical studio, to a Poets’ Retreat on the Elbe, to an artistic apartment, these stays all have a story behind them that will leave your imagination inspired.

Conjure up your creativity and explore this literary wishlist – perhaps it will inspire a travel wishlist of your own. Discover some stays brimming with books and others perfect for cuddling up for your favorite read:

John Steinbeck’s Writer’s Studio 30-Night Minimum (Pacific Grove, CA, United States)

Equal parts charming and historical, this California cottage will have you dreaming of turning the pages of your favorite read. 

Feel Artistic Inspiration Staying at Jane Austen’s House (Bath, United Kingdom) 

Fantasize of escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life in this classical apartment. 

Poets’ Retreat on the Elbe (Dresden, Germany)

Envision sweet dreams at this peaceful historical Airbnb listing.  

42 Terrace Guest House (Kansas City, MO, United States)

With a whole wall dedicated to literature, this renovated bungalow will leave you craving cuddling up with a good read.

Quiet and Private Retreat in Palo Alto (Palo Alto, CA, United States)

This cozy Californian retreat is a vision for bookworms dreaming of serenity. 

Secret Library Apartment, Close to City Center (București, Romania)

Fantasizing about your next adventure? A secret library will surely quench every readers’ wanderlust.

Exquisito Apartamento con Espacios Abiertos y Luz (Barcelona, Spain) 

This Barcelona Airbnb is tastefully decorated to showcase artistic and thoughtful touches and spark joy in every reader’s heart.

Athenian House of 1920 (Athina, Greece) 

The Athenian house of 1920 features a sunny home library that will allow your imagination soar. 

The Writer’s Retreat: A Sweetwater Stay (Orange, MA, United States)

Envision putting pen to paper for your next page turner as you look out across Tully Pond in this rustic cottage. 

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