Check-In to the Trend: Hosts Sharing More Upcycled Spaces

As sustainable tourism becomes more important than ever, hosts and guests on Airbnb are making significant changes to support environmentally conscious travel. The number of stays at eco-friendly homes increased by 141 percent over last year1, and more hosts are sharing green spaces than ever before, with more than 364,000 sustainable stays on Airbnb2.

A growing green trend on Airbnb is hosts sharing homes made from recycled – or upcycled – materials, like glass bottles, tires and even recycled denim. Spaces built with upcycled materials have increased by 175 percent over the last four years3.


increase in number of stays in eco-friendly homes in the last year


sustainable stays on Airbnb


increase in spaces built with upcycled materials in the last four years

I got a taste of this trend in Fareham, UK where I explored Zoe’s cozy wood cottage made entirely with reclaimed wood, complete with a hammock and blankets made from recycled plastic bottles. For the eco-conscious traveler, or even those looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway, there are many more upcycled stays to explore, including the sampling of homes below: 

Cabana Floripa – Florianópolis, Brazil
Unique Cob Cottage – Mayne Island, Canada
Recycled Apartment Close to the Beach – Odeceixe, Portugal

Stay tuned for next month’s Check-In to the Trend.

1Based on Airbnb internal data of year-over-year growth of guest arrivals to listings including specific keywords (eco-friendly, ecological, etc.) in listing titles and descriptions from August 2018 to August 2019.

2Based on Airbnb internal data of listings including specific keywords (eco-friendly, eco-conscious, etc.) in listing titles and descriptions as of August 2019.

3Based on Airbnb internal data of year-over-year growth of listings including specific keywords (recycled materials, upcycled materials, reclaimed materials, etc.) from August 2015 to August 2019.

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