Airbnb & National Fire Chiefs Council partner to share fire safety advice

As new fire safety guidance comes into effect in England and Wales this month, Airbnb has partnered with the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) to launch an updated guide to help inform Hosts about what they need to do to follow the latest regulations and best practices. 

The guide, which is available to download here, features expert advice on how to help prevent common fire hazards and reduce the impact of an accidental fire. 

The announcement forms part of our wider partnership with NFCC, which is a founding member of Airbnb’s UK Trust and Safety Alliance, a network of expert organisations that advise on important topics to help keep the Airbnb community safe. 

Earlier this year, thousands of Hosts in the UK signed up to Airbnb’s ‘Meet the Experts’ series and attended a webinar with NFCC to learn about fire and gas safety. Following its success, the NFCC will be participating in another webinar later this month and Hosts in England and Wales can sign up here to attend. During the webinar, NFCC will help answer questions about the new guidance and share practical advice on enhancing fire safety.

In addition to our partnership with NFCC, Airbnb has launched a number of measures to help equip guests and Hosts with information and tools to help them stay safe. While the majority of listings on Airbnb globally report having a smoke detector, we have distributed free combined smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to over 220,000 Hosts globally through our industry-leading detector program

Amanda Cupples, General Manager for Airbnb, Northern Europe, said: “The safety of our community has always been a priority and we welcome the Government’s new guidance, which provides proportionate and intuitive advice on fire safety. We are pleased to see the guidance includes information that most UK households may already consider in their own home, and we look forward to continuing our important partnership with NFCC to help make it easier for Hosts to enhance the safety of their listing.”

Mark Andrews, Business Engagement Lead for NFCC, said: “NFCC is committed to supporting Airbnb and fire and rescue services to help prevent fire. Providing our expertise by working with Airbnb means that Hosts can be clear on what they need to consider to remain compliant with fire safety legislation and guidance to keep their guests safe.”

The Airbnb community can find further resources in our UK Trust and Safety hub.