Events in LA, Miami, and Austin led to the biggest wins for Host earnings

As the sporting world, music festivals and events industry have returned in a big way this year, Airbnb is releasing a new economic report highlighting the biggest events for local Hosts to earn by opening their doors to fans, concertgoers and more. These big events, which all have taken place in the first half of this year, were not only a win for local Hosts but also have proven what has long been known to be true: By using existing space to absorb influxes of visitors, Hosts help small businesses and their wider community in taking advantage of the economic benefits of events.

“Krystal and I take pride in hosting and welcoming people from all corners of the world and from every walk of life to our home. We not only get to welcome guests to our home, but also to our city — and that’s especially true during Pride. It’s incredible seeing the city come alive again and seeing people from around the world taking part in everything that makes Pride so fantastic.”

Rojan & Krystal, Hosts – Toronto, Canada

In the midst of increasing inflation and cost of living, hosting is once again proving to be a vital tool to earn, especially over recurring big events that drive tourism and Host earnings, by supporting  cities in scaling accommodations over high-demand periods. When Atlanta was home to the Big Game in February 2019, local Hosts earned nearly $3.5 million combined from welcoming more than 11,000 guest arrivals – and there was $180 million in economic activity generated citywide. Furthermore, according to a recent survey conducted by Airbnb, 41 percent of Hosts in the US reported that one of the reasons they host is to earn money to help navigate rising prices1.

Across the US and Canada, here were the first half of 2022’s biggest earning opportunities over big events for Hosts based on income – combining over $50 million in collective earnings for Hosts over these 12 events2:

The Big Game in LA 
Guest Arrivals: Over 9,000 
Collective Host Earnings: Over $4 million

Daytona 500 
Guest Arrivals: Over 3,000
Collective Host Earnings: Over $700,000

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami
Guest Arrivals: Nearly 16,500
Collective Host Earnings: Nearly $4 million

The Big Open in Miami
Guest Arrivals:  Over 60,000 
Collective Host Earnings: Nearly $17 million

Atlanta’s Sweetwater 420 Fest
Guest arrivals: Over 15,000
Collective Host Earnings: Over $2 million 

Austin’s SXSW
Guest arrivals: Nearly 44,000 
Collective Host Earnings: Nearly $14 million

The Masters Tournament in Augusta
Guest Arrivals: Nearly 3,000 
Collective Host Earnings: Nearly $1.5 million

Kentucky Derby
Guest Arrivals: Over 8,000
Collective Host Earnings: Nearly $3 million 

Toronto Pride weekend
Guest Arrivals: Over 12,000
Collective Host Earnings: Over 3.1 million CAD

Quebec Winter Carnival
Guest Arrivals: Over 5,000
Collective Host Earnings: Over 650,000 CAD

Canadian Grand Prix:
Guest Arrivals: Nearly 5,000
Collective Host Earnings: Over 1.7 million CAD

Tartan Ottawa Marathon
Guest Arrivals: Over 3,000
Collective Host Earnings: Nearly 400,000 CAD

The opportunity to earn lies ahead 

Fortunately, there is still an ample amount of big events happening throughout the remainder of the year. Guests are fulfilling their travel dreams by heading back to their favorite seats once again, all while creating opportunities for Hosts and local small businesses to earn. 

With the 2022 US college football season kicking off, there are a number of trending destinations – both in large cosmopolitan cities and charming small towns – due to welcome back these iconic events. These cities are the top trending destinations in the US for upcoming fall travel, based on nights booked:

  • Ocean City, NJ
  • Bella Vista, AR
  • Oxford, MS
  • Santa Ana, CA
  • La Mesa, CA
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Lubbock, TX
  • Lexington, KY
  • Wheat Ridge, CO

With many of the biggest events of the first half of this year returning in 2023, and fans already planning their stays, local Hosts can consider opening their doors ahead of these events next year. Events, like the Big Game coming to Arizona in February, can offer a great starting point for many prospective Hosts. To learn more about hosting, go to and get started.

  1.  Based on a survey of 87,070 Airbnb listings booked between June 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021. All additional Host-centric survey data in this report originates from this survey.
  2.  Based on events that took place over H1 2022 (January 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022)