‘For You’ Now Provides a Curated Doorway to Airbnb

Last year, we launched Trips, adding bookable local experiences, insider guides and social meetups to the Airbnb platform. With this launch, we redesigned the online Airbnb experience and added a For You tab, which offers a personalized doorway to discover homes to stay in and things to do—all in one place when you first open up the app or hop on the website.

Starting this week, we’re updating For You to make it smarter and more curated. Previously, For You provided recommendations based on travelers’ current locations. Now, For You adapts to highlight activities based on location and where travelers currently are in their planning phase.

Say you want to head to Barcelona in July. What should you do when you get there? How will you discover timely activities on the ground? Our improved For You tab helps with all of thisfrom planning unique activities in advance to booking iconic experiences in the moment.

Planning a trip

On a trip

For You
is currently live for people searching for, traveling to, or currently in Barcelona, Cape Town, Florence, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco.

In Barcelona and San Francisco, we’re testing an additional aspect of For You that takes inspiration to the next level by providing fresh, interesting context centered around passion areas like food, music or the great outdoors.

Think of these as itineraries that let you discover and experience a place in a totally different way—a look at the ‘greatest hits’ of a city centered around the things you love.

Whether you’re looking for something to do tonight or plotting out the trip of a lifetime, For You adapts to where you are and what you’re looking for, making planning your trip inspiring and delightful. We’ll be expanding all these features to additional cities in the coming months, so stay tuned.