How are Guests Celebrating a New Decade? Heritage Trips and Farm Stays

For more than a decade, millions of hosts and guests have been forging connections across the globe through travel on Airbnb. This New Year’s Eve, more travelers than ever are doing just that on Airbnb, and many of them are doing it in local neighborhoods and lesser known cities. In fact, 95 percent of Airbnb guests are staying outside of the 10 biggest travel destinations this NYE1.

Where Travelers are Celebrating

Thousands of travelers have been planning for this night all year — there were 80,000 NYE wish lists created in 20192. From the grand finale of a year celebrating return in Accra, Ghana, to a Vietnamese island, to Joinville, Brazil — the only city outside of Moscow with a Bolshoi Ballet school — below are some of our top trending destinations for the holiday based on growth in guest arrivals from last year3

Accra, Ghana is the top trending destination for New Year’s Eve with 352% growth in guest arrivals from last year
Destination Growth in guest arrivals over last year
Accra, Ghana 352%
Louisville, KY 243%
Haymarket, Australia 145%
Duong Dong, Vietnam 132%
Kofu-shi, Japan 130%
Mont-Dore, France 123%
Ellicottville, NY 121%
Lagos, Nigeria 121%
Joinville, Brazil 121%
Are, Sweden 120%
Atlanta, GA 119%
Zacatecas, Mexico 118%
Fort William, Scotland 118%
Jeju-si, South Korea 117%
Dallas, TX 115%
Marigot, Saint Martin 110%
Pasanauri, Georgia 106%
Baguio, Philippines 101%
Mendoza, Argentina 96%
Changsha, China 90%

Where Travelers are Coming From

The beginning of a new decade marks the start of new adventures for Airbnb guests. Many destinations are seeing significant spikes in travelers coming from specific regions this New Year. Below are the top 10 trending origins of travelers, and the places they are going to4:

Origins and destinations of travelers Percentage increase
Brazilian travelers in Paraguay 412%
Canadian travelers in Nicaragua 406%
German travelers in Barbados 356%
Georgian travelers in Italy 354%
US travelers in Ghana 347%
Mayotte travelers in France 306%
Nigerian travelers in UAE 291%
Indian travelers in Vietnam 252%
Belgian travelers in the Philippines 250%
Ukrainian travelers in Indonesia 242%

Where Travelers are Staying

This New Year’s guests have spoken. A unique retreat breaking from winter status quo is an ideal way to kick off the new decade. Guests made 7.6 times more searches for pools and 2.5 times more searches for jacuzzis than fireplaces for the holiday weekend5, and over the holiday:

Treehouses — 1,446 guest arrivals

Islands — 673 guest arrivals

Caves — 416 guest arrivals

Windmills — 152 guest arrivals

Farm Stays — 19,000+ guest arrivals

Castles — 2,759 guest arrivals6

1Based on Airbnb internal data of projected guest arrivals in the top 10 travel destinations (per Mastercard ranking) from December 31, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

2Based on Airbnb internal data of wish lists that were created with “New Year’s Eve” in their title (in multiple languages).

3Based on Airbnb internal data of year-over-year growth in guest arrivals for New Year’s Eve weekend 2019 compared to New Year’s Eve weekend 2018.

4Based on Airbnb internal data of the number of guest arrivals by guest size for December 31 2019 to January 1, 2020.

5Based on Airbnb internal data of total numbers of searches including December 31, 2019 date that contained the amenities pool, jacuzzi and fireplace.

6Based on Airbnb internal data of total number of bookings by unique listing type for December 31, 2019 – January 1, 2020.