Is Your Partner a Commitment-Phobe? Airbnb Travel Trends Unveil the Truth

  • Commitment-phobia – only 25 percent of people book a Valentine’s day getaway 45 days in advance, compared with 45 percent of people who book for New Year’s Eve in 45 days in advance
  • Europe is for lovers – Could Denmark be is the most romantic country in the world? It has the largest increase in couples traveling for Valentine’s Day
  • Seeking adventure – Japanese women are more likely than their male counterparts to embark on solo travel internationally
  • A month long celebration – people are nine percent more likely to travel during their birthmonth than other months

SAN FRANCISCO—Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, today shared trends that take an inside look at holiday, birthday, and solo travel to lift the veil on our unconscious.


The pinch of procrastination can get to everyone but when Airbnb analyzed booking data around big holiday travel times including New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day we found that guests hold off on committing to Valentine’s Day plans more than any other holiday. Over 45 percent of bookings for New Year’s Eve came 45 days in advance of the fete, however only 25 percent of bookings for Valentines day came in that time period.

Europe is for lovers:

It’s not all bad news, there are still plenty of folks that want a romantic getaway, there is 14 percent rise in guests for Valentine’s day over adjacent Sundays. Passion runs strong in Europe – Denmark, Poland, the UK and Switzerland all have the highest increase in couples booking for Valentine’s day. However, rounding out the top five countries that have the highest increase in couples booking on Valentine’s Day is the United States.

Seeking Adventure – Solo Style:

For those who swoon for adventure, not the arms of another, Airbnb looked at intrepid solo travelers from around the globe. Asia appears to have the most adventurous women than any other region. Japan, Taiwan and mainland China all had more women embarking on solo international travel than their male counterparts. Russia and Brazil also land in the top five with more women traveling by themselves internationally.

A Month-Long Celebration:

Birthdays are getting more emphasis, workplaces are giving them off as holidays and people are not only celebrating their birthday – but their birth week or even their birth month. People are taking that extra time to treat themselves to a getaway – almost nine percent of people are more likely to be staying in an Airbnb listing during their birth month than during other months.