Our commitment to racial justice

At Airbnb, we’ve built a community based on our mission of connection and belonging. We believe that injustice, bigotry, racism and hate in all forms is antithetical to our mission and pose a threat to our Hosts, guests, employees and the communities we serve. 

While we welcome the verdict in George Floyd’s murder trial, we know it won’t bring back a single life tragically lost nor end the centuries-long fight to build a more just and inclusive society. We join the civil rights organizations, national leaders, activists, and those within the Airbnb community in our commitment to double down and fight for racial justice. 

It takes all of us to fight racial injustice and make a lasting change. We will once again match employee donations to the NAACP, Black Lives Matter Foundation, and other civil rights organizations and have updated our Activism and Allyship Guide as an available resource to employees, Hosts and guests. In addition, we will continue to build on our work with civil rights and social justice organizations to support their fight for equality and justice, and to inform our ongoing work to fight discrimination on our platform. Last year, Airbnb donated $500,000 to the NAACP and Black Lives Matter Foundation and introduced Project Lighthouse, an initiative to uncover, measure and help overcome discrimination when booking or hosting on Airbnb. As a company we remain committed to continuing to fight for racial justice. Most recently, we made an additional $100,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund to support their work to protect the right to vote.

Advancing this goal of racial justice requires more than just words – it requires sustained action. To that end, we have developed a decision-making framework to guide how our company addresses social issues. This framework considers the interests of all our stakeholders, relationship to our purpose of advancing connections and belonging, and takes into account that as a US headquartered company with two-thirds of our workforce in the US, we have a specific responsibility to address issues here.  The framework makes it very clear that we as a company need to recommit to working with civil rights organizations, national leaders, activists and the Airbnb community in the fight for racial justice.  Black Lives Matter. George Floyd’s life mattered.