Our community of teacher Hosts

Airbnb is a community based on connection and belonging – two qualities exemplified by teachers who inspire and make a difference in the lives of their students. We are proud to count teachers as a significant part of the Airbnb host community. 

According to an internal survey, an estimated 10 percent of hosts on Airbnb are teachers.* In 2019, this community of teacher hosts earned over $230 million through Airbnb in the US alone.** That includes over $81 million earned during the months of June, July and August. Both represent significant increases over estimated US teacher host earnings through Airbnb in 2017: $160 million earned for the year, with $54 million in summertime earnings.***

This is critical income that helps teachers and their families make ends meet. According to the Learning Policy Institute, almost 20 percent of teachers leave the profession because of low pay, and the starting salary for public school teachers averaged $38,000 in 2018. Hosting on Airbnb helps supplement that income – in 2019 half of all hosts surveyed around the world (50%) said the income they earned from hosting on Airbnb helped them stay in their home.

Jennifer Bankston, teacher and Airbnb Superhost of Delightful Space in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California

Airbnb host Jennifer Bankston teaches 8th grade English in Los Angeles. She decided to become an Airbnb host and share her guesthouse with travelers to get her through unexpected furloughs. The income she earns on Airbnb helps her cover the mortgage and other expenses, but hosting has also given her an opportunity to make lifelong connections. 

“I’ve met some amazing people from around the world and keep in touch with many of them,” Jennifer explained. “I also enjoy providing a unique experience for guests and recommending things to do and small businesses in our area.” 

Jennifer encourages other teachers to consider sharing their homes on Airbnb. “Hosting lends itself well to a teaching schedule – you can welcome guests after class and do it over the summer when school is out,” she explains. 

Host Mark Bruemmer and his wife are both teachers who built their dream home near Estes National Park in Colorado. After moving to Minneapolis, the couple decided to keep the home to visit throughout the year and enjoy the outdoor activities the area has to offer. Hosting on Airbnb has allowed them to pay for the upkeep and keep the home in their family. 

“We love to share our home with others and we worked hard to curate the perfect oasis on the mountain for our guests,” says Mark. “We love the reaction that we receive when we read our reviews on how wonderful their stay was.”  

The positive impact that teachers have in society is irrefutable, and at Airbnb we are incredibly proud of our inspiring community of teacher hosts.

*Based on a global survey of hosts on Airbnb conducted in November 2019. 

** Based on Airbnb internal data measured in host accounts.

*** Figures based on Airbnb internal data of active hosts accounts, irrespective of income earned.