‘Rural Bootcamp’ responds to growing desire for restorative getaways

Rural tourism has never been more appealing with more and more people yearning for space, privacy, fresh air, natural habitats and sustainability. According to our latest data, rural listings have earned Hosts over $5 billion since March 11, 2020.

Launching today, Airbnb’s Rural Bootcamp is designed to help rural communities across Europe make a difference by offering guests the opportunity of a change of scenery and to actively participate in nature.

Through a series of partnerships and host education programs, the Rural Bootcamp will help unlock access to the hospitality and tourism sector by giving individuals and organizations in rural communities the toolkit they need to thrive on the Airbnb platform as Hosts (homes and Experiences).

So far, Airbnb has secured partnerships with Agritourist in Italy and Fademur in Spain. According to Agriourist’s President, the Rural Bootcamp has great potential to benefit guests, farmers and rural communities more generally.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Airbnb, we have the chance to raise awareness of what Italian agritourism has to offer and to let people enjoy the wide range of offerings that are part of our network. Agritourism gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy nature, to live in and get to know the locality and to have unique experiences that enrich both body and mind.”

Augusto Congionti, President of Agriturist

Airbnb is now calling on other destination marketing organizations, farmer associations or agritourism associations to get involved and help spread the benefits of rural tourism to their communities. According to Giacomo Trovato, Airbnb’s Country Manager for Italy, rural tourism is especially appealing right now.

“The hospitality of rural Hosts is particularly appealing for many people who are longing to travel after a difficult year. And at the same time, this type of tourism has the potential to spread economic benefits beyond big cities to lesser known rural communities. In partnership with Agriturist, we want to help a wider audience discover these rural Italian gems.”

Giacomo Trovato, Country Manager for Airbnb in Italy

The ease of creating a listing and becoming a Host on Airbnb has allowed more Hosts to open their homes in more locations. These new Hosts live on every continent except Antarctica, across over 220 countries and regions. They are spread across cities and towns but also in more remote rural areas. The cross-section of some of the top earning new-Host destinations shows that Hosts have taken advantage of the shift in travel away from urban destinations and toward more rural areas. 

Any organization wishing to get involved can find out more here. Airbnb’s Rural Bootcamp is currently being offered to organizations in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Australia and the UK. Individuals residing in countries and regions where Airbnb is available can take part in our Host webinars: languages being offered at this time are English, Spanish, French, and Italian.