The Most Wish Listed Homes of the Past Decade

In 2010, we started the decade off with catchphrase, YOLO (you only live once), and ended it with popular acronym FOMO (fear of missing out). Whatever your mantra, we’re sharing some of our most wish listed homes* over the last decade whether you’re actively planning a trip or just browsing for vacation inspiration.


Exception Property with Private Beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Wish Listed 275,862 times

To those craving a secret coastal getaway, look no further. Guests love this beachfront home in Santa Catarina offering luxurious linens and special amenities such as outdoor Brazilian BBQ perfect for grilling fresh caught fish. Many are attracted to all the activities provided by the hosts including use of a wooden boat, surf boards, and loungers to see dolphins swimming.


Hector Cave House, Santorini, Greece
Wish Listed 254,773 times

There is no questioning why this house in Santorini is a top pick of 2018. Carved into the caldera cliff, this special property was originally a wine cellar and was turned into a vacation home. Guests love the clean lines inside featuring a fully functioning kitchen and common areas; outside a veranda offers space to soak up the sun and spend time with your nearest and dearest. 


White Breeze Apartment, Phuket, Thailand
Wish Listed 204,110 times

Paradise has been found for those looking for rest in this villa located in Thailand. The beautiful hillside setting allows guests to enjoy coffee whilst taking in warm sunsets on the terrace and a private pool. Let’s not forget the staff will bring you fresh papaya picked from papaya trees onsite — relaxation mode on.


Everview Suite, Cape Town, South Africa
Wish Listed 28,305 times

This beachfront oasis with views of Table Mountain is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is a short drive from Camps Bay. This home can sleep up to six, has a heated pool and fireplace: perfect for making memories with friends and families.


Balian Treehouse, Bali, Indonesia
Wish Listed 271,887 times

Perched above a Bali beach, this private treehouse is a dream for those looking for a remote destination. Guests love having a cup of tea on the veranda overlooking the palm trees, lush garden and pool. A bustling town filled with shops and restaurants is close or you can stay on the property and head to the beach with essentials provided by the host.


Cob Cottage, Mayne Island, Canada
Wish Listed 152,918 times

This one-of-a-kind earth house in Canada was hand sculpted using sustainable materials and has all the amenities of a modern retreat. Inside, guests love every inch of this home featuring custom woodwork and the sheep and chickens outside, offering fresh eggs and milk for morning meals.


The World Famous Seashell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Wish Listed 235,803 times

Set atop a cliff above a beach, this architectural wonder boasts a private pool and special concierge services. Designer Eduardo Ocampo pays homage to the substantial “mountains” of seashells found on the island. Throughout the house, guests will find elements of an actual seashell — from the spiral staircase mimicking the inside of a shell to coral used as decor.


Off-The-Grid House, Pioneertown, California
Wish Listed 98,796 times

In need of a digital detox? Set in a remote valley of a desert in Pioneertown, this architectural gem has a small carbon footprint that brings big impact. The exterior design is modern yet functional with solar panels to power the inside with electricity and heat. Floor to ceiling glass windows allow guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty of this stay.


Villa Near Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Wish Listed 3,686 times

Tucked away in the Chianti hills amongst centuries old oaks and olive groves, this farmhouse turned palatial villa has all the amenities of a vacation getaway. This spot conveniently sleeps sixteen and outside offers a natural botanical garden, private salt water swimming pool and two wood pizza ovens  – buon appetito.

*Based on internal Airbnb data measuring most wish listed homes between December 2011 through December 2019.