Airbnb-friendly apartments turns one

 Atlanta is the market with the most active Airbnb-friendly apartment listings, with a typical AFA Host earning $3,500 and hosting 30 nights since AFA launched in 2022.

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 Atlanta is the market with the most active Airbnb-friendly apartment listings, with a typical AFA Host earning $3,500 and hosting 30 nights since AFA launched in 2022.

Roughly one year ago, we launched Airbnb-friendly apartments (AFA), the first marketplace to allow renters to find apartment buildings where they can also host their primary residence part-time on Airbnb. With housing costs still extraordinarily high and renting being a more popular option than buying, AFA represents an opportunity for renters to earn additional income to supplement their everyday expenses. 

Continued growth across the US 

Over the last year, we’ve focused on spreading awareness about the program to renters and proactively working with partners to add more rental inventory to the AFA marketplace. When we launched AFA a year ago, we had approximately 175 buildings – we now have more than 400 buildings and 125,000 units on the platform across over 40 markets including 127 cities across 17 US states, with continued growth on the horizon. 

The added supply has meant building on our impressive list of partners. After launching with major rental players such as Greystar and Equity Residential and then adding the likes of Sentral, Starwood Capital, and Millhaus, we have added new partners in the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) space – including Camden Property Trust. Any real estate entities interested in partnering with Airbnb’s AFA program can visit here. 

We have also launched an AFA advisory board to ensure the program continues to meet the needs of our partners and their residents. The AFA advisory board includes: Camden, Equity Residential, Greystar, Starwood Capital and others.

Unlocking affordability for renters 

Before AFA, traditionally, renters had very little access to the ability to host their primary residence on Airbnb across the US. We sought to change that and launched the program as part of our broader efforts to help more people tap into the economic benefits of hosting, and it’s working. Since launching a year ago, more than 900 renters have created a listing through the AFA program, earning approximately $7 million1 in the process. 

AFA renter snapshot: 

  • The typical AFA Host has earned approximately $3,500 since launch2
  • The typical AFA Host hosts 30 nights since launch
  • Atlanta is the market with the most active AFA listings 
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Nani is making the most of her newfound flexibility after grad school by hosting her Airbnb-friendly apartment when she can.

“I recently graduated from getting my Masters so I’m not yet working. I use the money from hosting for a variety of expenses – rent, trips, anything really.”

 Nani, Airbnb-friendly apartment Host in Farmers Branch, Texas

Tatiana and Mark enjoy traveling and decided to “house hack” by hosting their 3-bedroom apartment home for up to three months a year. After visiting friends and running the numbers on what they would pay in rent and what they could earn from hosting, they decided to move cities and start their hosting journey in San Diego. They told us: 

“Hosting our apartment on Airbnb is helping us reach our financial goals. We cover our rent and get to explore the world. What could be better?”

Tatiana and Mark, Airbnb-friendly apartment Hosts in San Diego, CA

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Angie works remotely and has a passion for travel. She was familiar with Airbnb from her own travels and from hosting her family’s ski cabin in the mountains. She decided to try hosting her primary residence, a studio apartment, to take advantage of her flexibility. 

“Hosting on Airbnb has allowed me to live very affordably. I’m going to travel anyway, so why not help pay for my rent while I’m gone?”

Angie, Airbnb-friendly apartment Host in Denver, CO

1All of the Airbnb-friendly apartment data in this post is based on internal Airbnb data looking at ever-active AFA Hosts between November 2022 and September 2023.
2Typical refers to the median figure in the first two bullets.