EU Weighs in on Complex Home Sharing Rules in the Brussels Region

BELGIUM. Brussels. BELGIUM. Brussels.

The European Commission is to investigate whether complex home sharing rules in the city of Brussels breach EU law, the Commission announced today.

News of the process – known as infringements proceedings – will be welcomed by hosts and small accommodation providers in Brussels, who have spoken out against excessive and burdensome rules in the region.

The complex Brussels rules also stand in stark contrast to other regions in Belgium: while both Flanders and Wallonia have adopted progressive and simple rules for locals sharing their homes, Airbnb hosts in Brussels currently face a confusing and burdensome administrative process, that doesn’t fit with how people share their homes in modern Brussels.

Airbnb has worked with more than 500 governments across the world on clear and simple rules, including Flanders and Wallonia. We want to do the same in Brussels and we join hosts in welcoming this news.

We are looking forward to working together with the Brussels authorities and our local host community on simple and clear rules that support a responsible development of home-sharing in the Brussels region.