Updating our Resident Hosting Program to Help More Landlords Enable Hosts

Since 2016, the Airbnb Resident Hosting Program has been providing landlords with the tools they need to enable residents in their buildings and communities to responsibly host on Airbnb. With the Resident Hosting Program, residents can share their space, travelers get access to unique places to stay, and property owners get new revenue and information about hosting in their buildings.

In the past, we’ve worked with hospitality technology partners to help scale this program to meet demand. Today, we’re sharing an update on how we’ve overhauled the Resident Hosting Program to make it completely sustainable within the Airbnb platform. 

Hosts and building managers told us they needed a suite of features only Airbnb can offer (like full preview and approval of all new listings, and government ID requirements for guests). This feedback is invaluable, and we’re happy to deliver on it.

Here’s a snapshot of new capabilities that will be available in November:

  • Landlords will be notified, and given the opportunity to review and either approve or deny new listings before they go live. This allows landlords to confirm hosts in their buildings are in good standing and have signed any required documents (like a lease addendum).
  • Landlords can create building rules — like quiet hours, smoking restrictions, and building amenities available to guests — that both hosts and guests must acknowledge. This helps guests respect a building’s residential community.
  • Landlords can set building-specific requirements for guests, like anyone who books must complete Airbnb’s Verified ID process.

You can expect more updates on the Airbnb Resident Hosting Program, all focused on empowering hosts and landlord earnings through new ways to optimize homes haring in their communities.

If you are a building owner or manager interested in the Resident Hosting Program participant, contact us here.