Last-Minute Accommodations for the Big Game in Atlanta

Atlanta is no stranger to welcoming big events to the city having hosted the 1996 Olympics and Big Game in both 1994 and 2000. But as February 3 quickly approaches, accommodations are still needed for some of the nearly 10,000 volunteers and one million visitors getting ready to touch down in Atlanta.

As early as September 2018, hotels were nearing capacity across the city with dozens close to the stadium having already sold out. And with the few hotel rooms left in December expected to go for triple the regular rate, fans looking to travel for the Big Game are in luck for last-minute accommodations with Airbnb, providing Atlantans the opportunity to earn additional income by opening up their homes.

Big Game, Big Opportunity

Guest Arrivals: As of January 25, projections show 9,200 guest arrivals to Atlanta during the week of the game, 18 percent of which represent guests from the northeast states and 11 percent from California. With hotels in Atlanta nearly sold out, New England and Los Angeles fans would have been forced to stay further away from the game and affiliated events if not for the expanded lodging capacity offered by the Airbnb community, from downtown to Edgewood. 

Host Income: During the biggest week in football, Atlanta hosts are projected to earn $3.3 million in supplemental income. The typical host may earn about $690 during the week through the Airbnb platform.

First time hosts: For Atlanta residents, home sharing provides a way to use what is usually their most valuable asset – their home – to earn important supplemental income with a surge of visitors in town. During Super Bowl week, 23 percent of Atlanta hosts will be hosting on Airbnb for the first time.

Pricing: Hotels have been near capacity and significantly inflated for months in Atlanta and as fans from Los Angeles and New England eagerly make plans to see their respective teams compete, the average price per room per night of a booked Airbnb in Atlanta during the week of the Big Game is $170, compared to the usual average price per room per night of roughly $80.

For more information on hosting and how the Big Game is bringing economic opportunity to Atlanta, visit here.

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*Based on internal Airbnb data measuring future guest bookings and host earnings January 27 – February 3, 2019.

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