Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague: Terms of participation for Hosts

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Airbnb is actively working on new opportunities to support responsible travel. Ahead of tourism recovery in the Czech Republic, Airbnb is partnering with Minut to equip Hosts on Airbnb with noise detection devices to support them in their efforts to promote safety in their neighborhoods. Participating Hosts (hereinafter “Hosts” or “You”) will use the noise detection device to detect potential noise issues in their listing during a guest’s stay. 

The Pilot Program is run in collaboration with Minut, manufacturer of the noise detection device ‘Minut Home Sensor’, with a select group of voluntary Hosts who will install the device in their accommodation. Hosts will share a limited amount of their guests’ personal data with Minut, so that guests can be reached when the noise levels in the listing rise above the specified threshold*. 

If the noise threshold is exceeded for a prolonged period of time (between five to fifteen minutes – depending on the duration set by the Host), Minut will automatically send a  text message to guests and/or automatically place a phone call asking them to  reduce the noise. If the guests miss these alerts and the noise continues, they will receive another text message and/or call from Minut. Guests could receive up to three messages and three calls, sent ten minutes apart.

Minut will notify Hosts at the same time your guest receives a text message, keeping you informed at all times. You will also receive a notification if a call was placed and when the noise  returns to a normal level (below the threshold you have set up).

The initial duration of the pilot is six (6) months. During the pilot, Minut will share aggregated data about the usage of the ‘Minut Home Sensor’ and recurring noise incidents (like noise levels, complaints, speed of the resolution etc.) with Airbnb.

Please note that Airbnb and Minut will be joint controllers as per the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), each processing personal data in accordance with applicable laws and with their respective privacy policies.

*Minut recommends that Hosts should use 75dB during the daytime and 70dB during the night as threshold. This recommendation is based on research around party and disturbance prevention.

Terms of Participation

In order to participate in the Minut Pilot Program as a Host, you will need to sign up directly for Minut’s noise monitoring service by agreeing to the Minut Terms of Service, available at: Minut has also created a dedicated landing page for the pilot which is available at : 

In exchange for receiving a ‘Minut Home Sensor’ and a one-year noise monitoring services subscription free of charge, you agree to: 

  1. Clearly state on your Airbnb listing that a Minut Home Sensor is being used in your accommodation and that guest data (name, phone number and reservation dates) will be shared with Minut as part of the Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague. You also agree to add a website link on your Airbnb listing to this FAQ for guests (also available in Czech). You should mention the device in your Listing description (under Other things to note) and in your House rules (under Additional rules). We recommend that you copy-paste the text below (see Listing description and House rules);
  2. Disclose the Home Sensor device under ‘Safety devices’ in your Listing details. To do so, click on the listing title > Listing Details > Guest Safety > Security camera/audio recording device > Click the checkbox;
  3. Send guests who have booked your listing the approved welcome message (set out below) in advance of their arrival and before you share their personal data with Minut; 
  4. Share your guest’s data (name, phone number and reservation dates) with Minut, so that your guest can be reached if and when the noise levels in your listing rise above your selected threshold;
  5. Display a sign in your accommodation which reminds guests about the presence of the noise detector. We recommend using the approved wording for the signage set out below; and 
  6. If a guest objects to sharing their personal data with Minut as part of the Pilot Program, you agree to not share their data with Minut or, if necessary, to remove their data from Minut’s “GuestConnect” feature if they state their objection after you have manually shared their data with Minut. In this case, notifications from Minut will be sent to you only and not to your guest.

From time to time you may also be asked to complete surveys about your experience during the Pilot Program. You agree that Airbnb and Minut may use such feedback without remuneration to you.

Note that Airbnb reserves its right to monitor compliance with these Host Participation Terms and to remove you from the pilot without advance notice or compensation if you do not comply with the terms.

Listing description and House rules

Airbnb recommends that you inform guests by displaying the following language in your listing.


House rules (Additional rules)

“This listing is equipped with a ‘Minut Home Sensor’ noise monitoring device. You can find more information in this FAQ:

Listing description (Other things to note)

“This listing is equipped with a ‘Minut Home Sensor’ device, which helps guests manage noise during their stay. To achieve this, I will share a limited amount of your data with the manufacturer of the device, Minut AB. The device does not contain any cameras nor does it record any sound or listen to what you say or do. You can find more information in this FAQ:


Domácí pravidla (Další pravidla)

Toto ubytování je vybaveno senzorem hluku “Minut Home Sensor”. Více informací můžete najít na této stránce s nejčastějšími dotazy:

Popis nabídky (Další podrobnosti)

“Toto ubytování je vybaveno zařízením ‘Minut Home Sensor’, které detekuje případný hluk a pomáhá hostům mít hluk pod kontrolou během jejich pobytu. Za tímto účelem budu se společností Minut sdílet omezené množství vašich údajů (jméno, telefonní číslo a data rezervace). Senzor Minut respektuje soukromí. Jedná se o zařízení, které neobsahuje žádné kamery ani nenahrává žádný zvuk ani neposlouchá, co říkáte nebo děláte. Po rezervaci této nabídky máte právo vznést námitku proti sdílení vašich údajů.” Více informací najdete na této stránce s nejčastějšími dotazy:

Welcome Message for Guests

You agree to send a welcome message to your guests after they have made a booking and in advance of their arrival. This message must be sent before you share their data with Minut. Airbnb and Minut recommend the following message :

“Welcome! I wish you a lovely stay and hope you’ll feel at home here.

This accommodation is equipped with a ‘Minut Home Sensor’. Minut monitors the noise levels in addition to motion, humidity and temperature to ensure you feel safe, secure and comfortable during your stay. You can find more information about Minut Home Sensors on Minut’s website.

The Minut Home Sensor respects privacy. It is a monitor that does not contain any cameras nor does it record any sound or listen to what you say or do. Minut monitors decibel levels and detects when they exceed a predetermined threshold. When that happens, Minut will contact you (by text message or/and automated call) to kindly ask you to keep the noise down. This means that as your Host, I will share your personal information (name, phone number and dates of your stay) with Minut so that they can contact you when noise is detected in the accommodation. You will find more details in this FAQ for guests (in Czech).

I want you to have a great stay and to enjoy yourself without the worry of disturbing the neighbors. A conversation with friends, having dinner with your loved ones, or playing ambient music should not be an issue. However, if the sound levels exceed the acceptable threshold (70dB during the night and 75dB during the daytime) for a long period of time (at least 5 minutes), you will be contacted by Minut. I find that sound above these thresholds usually indicates loud music or a party which is likely to disturb the neighbors.You have the right to object to the processing of your data by Minut. You can exercise this right by letting me know that you do not want your personal information to be shared with and used by Minut. Please note, if you object, the device will still monitor noise levels in the property and will instead alert me directly if the noise level goes above the threshold. To read Minut’s privacy policy, please click here.”


You agree to display a clear and visible sign in your accommodation to remind guests of the presence of the Minut Home Sensor. We recommend using the following language : 

“This listing is equipped with a Minut Home Sensor which monitors sound levels (but does not record any sound or image). Minut (or myself, your Host) will contact you via text message and/or automated phone call to ask you to keep the noise down if sound levels rise above an acceptable level and it does not return to normal within a few minutes.”