Study Up on the Best Reviewed College Towns in the U.S.

When it comes to hosting out-of-town guests, few places know how to welcome visitors like the hometown of a college or university.

To kick off the start of US college football championships, Airbnb hit the books and studied up on our user reviews to learn which college towns and university-adjacent cities have the most highly rated hosts on the platform.

In the US, the good folks of Norman, Oklahoma took home the highest marks. Home to the state’s largest institution of higher learning, the University of Oklahoma, nearly three-quarters of all Airbnb trips to Norman end with a five-star host review — what we’re calling a hospitality score — a higher percentage than any other major college town in the country. In fact, having a high public profile and well-respected sports team nearby is a pretty good indicator that a city will have a lot of satisfied Airbnb travelers. Nearly every city on our top ten list is home to that state’s flagship university.

University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
Hospitality score:  74%

Photo by  majdan on Flickr

Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Hospitality score: 73%

Photo by shaggypaul on Flickr

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska
Hospitality score:  73%

Photo  by   Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr

University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
Hospitality score: 72%

Photo by  Tori Dreyer    on Flickr

Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, Texas

Hospitality score: 71%

Photo by  mckinney75402 on Flickr

University of Louisville
Louisville,  Kentucky

Hospitality score: 71%

Photo by  LunchboxLarry  on Flickr

University of Arizona
Tucson,  Arizona
Hospitality score: 71%

Photo by  Ken Lund on Flickr

Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia
Hospitality score: 70%

Photo by  Paul Kurlak on Flickr

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
Hospitality score: 70%

Photo by  linademartinez on Flickr

West Virginia University
Morgantown, Virginia
Hospitality score: 70%

Photo by Paula Cristina on Flickr